The Bunkhouse

The Railroad History of Carlyle

  • The CPR Branch line from Souris to Arcola was finished and the first trains arrived at Carlyle in 1901
  • The CNR built a line from the coal fields of Estevan to Brandon. The first CNR

passenger train arrived in Carlyle June 7, 1910

  • The CNR built a brick round house that could service 5 engines was built in Carlyle in 1912
  • A CNR bunkhouse was built in Carlyle for train crews when they were waiting for their engines to be serviced.
  • The CNR station was build in the winter of 1909-1910
  • The last passenger train to Carlyle was on October 25, 1959
  • After the steam engines were replaced by diesel locomotives, the water tower was demolished in 1969
  • The CNR station was sold to the museum and moved to it’s present site in 1976


The Bunkhouse 2019