Founded in 1973, the Rusty Relics Museum is a non-profit organization, located in Carlyle’s historic 1909 CN Station.  Walk through the station agent’s living quarters and the work areas of the station.  On the grounds you can tour a CP Caboose, a CN work shop, a country school house, an oil well pump jack and an outdoor shelter that displays farm machinery.  Admission is free.

The Mission of the Rusty Relics Museum is to preserve the history, stories and traditions of the Carlyle area: to depict the influence of trade, travel, oil production and agriculture in the development of the area: and to promote learning about the area’s early settlers.

The Rusty Relics Museum is open from June 1 till Aug. 31, Monday through Friday from 10-5.

Rusty Relics Museum

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  1. Eric White

    I’m the new editor of Kalmbach Media’s Tourist Trains Guidebook.
    I’m updating the seventh edition and wanted to confirm the details of your listing.
    I have an email address of rustyrelicmuseum@sasktel.net. Is this still valid?
    Is there anything new planned for the 2019 or 2020 seasons?
    Thanks very much for your help!
    Eric White
    Associate Editor
    Kalmbach Books/Model Railroader
    (262) 798-6609


    1. Rusty Relics Museum Post author

      Yes, that is still our email address. We will not be holding programs this year because of Covid 19.



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